2.4 Setup Your Knowledgebase

2.4 Setup Your Knowledgebase

Still haven’t created your account but looking to get started? This video can help you. 


Mark van der Made: We’re now ready to set up the knowledge base.

So let’s press the button.


Going to give this knowledge base name by default, it will import your company, your workspace name.

So if you’re good with that, you can just leave it as this press continue once done.

Then you will have your knowledge-base default URL, and this will be a whole series of number.littlesaas.help.

You can also customize this to your company name and then whatever you want in front of this sequence.

So you can also do, for example, company-name.littlesaas.help.

Let’s press continue.

Would you also like to use a custom domain?

If yes, you can fill in your custom domain here and then your custom domain will take effect.

I will choose no for now.

And let’s first continue.

And now your knowledge base has been set up properly.

And you can now build out your knowledgebase documents with categories and articles, insight communication, which we will show you in a later video in the next video, we’re going to set up the livechat widget that goes onto your own website.