2.5 Setup Your Website Widget

2.5 Setup Your Website Widget

In this video you will learn how to set up a live chat widget, show your knowledgebase and start chatting with your customers in a matter of just a few seconds,


Mark van der Made:

So we’re now ready to set up our livechat widget to provide the support on your own website.

So let’s press continue and let’s go to the, do you want to use the support widget on your site?

That’s press?


You can name your widget again by default, it will import the workspace name.

Let’s press continue once done and you can choose either left or right.

You could also use the auto reply to users.

So for example, could also use smart variables if you’d like to.

And once pressed, you will see that you can use any of these variables.

Which will state the different kinds of variables values related to them.

So the thread number, the customer’s name and the customer’s emails, we’ll get back to you shortly.

You can use the customer.name, variable.

It’s also important to white list domains.

So in this case, add a few domains on where you want to have this livechat widget on.

So let’s say we are going for littlesaas.com.

You can also add extra domains and you can also do the co-packer to choose the color for the livechat widget.

And you can use any of these columns presets where you can fill in the hex code right inside of here.

So let’s do something like this for now and then press continue.

And now you will get the script code that you can insert directly in onto your own website.

And this goes into the body of the website, how to install this code onto your own website.

This we will cover in a later video and once done, just press continue, and then we need to provide the billing details.

So let’s add a card.

You can fill in all your credentials right here.

You can add the cards and then your workspace will be created.

And in the next video, we’re going to showyou how you can manage your workspace.