2.3 Creating Your Inbox

2.3 Creating Your Inbox

Still haven’t created your account but looking to get started? This video can help you. 


Mark van der Made:

We’re ready to set up our inbox.

So let’s press the button and let’s do it and then we can name our inbox.

So for example, if we want to have a support inbox, you can name it, support, and then press continue can choose.

If you want to use the default or custom email by default little saas or communication, we’ll already have this email set for you.

So support company name, that’s your company name you feel in

the creation of the workspace and then littlesaas-mail.com.

If you want to use your own email, that’s also possible, then you will choose custom.

In custom, you can choose your own inbox, email address.

So for example, there could be no reply@companyname.com.

So this will be your company name and then say, continue.

They will send a confirmation email. As mentioned, and you will have to open this confirmation link before you can start receiving messages for now.

Let’s continue.

And for now, we need to set up the SMTP.


Out of the box.

We can already integrate with Gmail without doing any kind of SMTP settings, or we can integrate with Amazon.

Just have the SMTP server username and the password you can also do to custom.

And this basically you will need to have the SMTP settings name.

For example, you can mention the provider, you will have the server, you’ll have to use your name and the password from here.

You need, you also need to select the port.

You can set it to auto.

You can set it port, not secure as SMTP port 25.

It’s not recommendable.

We also have the SSL board, which is 465 or TLS port, which

is five, eight, seven, or you can even do a custom once done.

You can say next.

And then it’s the SMTP settings will be checked.

I will skip for now.

Now the shared inbox has been set up properly and we are going to the next feature, which is the knowledge base feature.

And I will show you how todo this in the next video.