3.2 Installing Live Chat Widget

3.2 Installing Your Live Chat Widget

Want to learn how to install the Live Chat Widget on Your Website? This video can help you. 


Mark van der Made: So, we’re now ready to install the live chat widget onto your own website.

I’m going to show you how you can do this with WordPress, with WordPress websites, but basically the principle is the same for all platforms.

And that is that you need to, copy the script.

So again, you can do this by just pressing this icon and you will see the code copied.

Notification on top and then go to your website in an extent of messing with the, uh, base header, footer, or body of the website, you can install a simple plugin for this.

So I will show you which one, this is just go to Plugins > Add New

From here, you got you just going to search for.

Header & Footer and you will see the insert headers and footers from, uh, WP beginner.

It’s a great plugin.

I use it all the time for all my active websites and you can just press the button install.

Now it’s active for me already.

And then once installed, you can activate it by pressing the button.

One more time.

Once you do this, it will end up on the under settings and then you will see the insert headers and footers.

So if you press this.

You can go to the bottom.

So not the header, not the script’s in the body, but you can go to the scripts in the footer.

And this means that any scripts that are placed inside of the footer will just be printed, uh, just above the closing of the BodyTech, which is perfect.

So we just, um, we just copied this codes, right?

And now we are ready just to paste it in.

So you can just.

Right-click and then paste.

As you can see here or just use the shortcut to control + v.

And then if you save this and go to your own website, someone go into the front end, you will see your support live chat widget here.

So when pressing.

You will see that we have the hello and we are here. We are here to help you choose what you like to do next.

And at the moment we only have the, uh, start live chat because we did not connect another space yet.

If we do something in a future video, um, you will see that the live chat will appear on top and the life chat section will be pushed downwards to.

Hopefully enabled the person that is visiting your website to do a search in the knowledge space first, before contacting you and opening a ticket threat.

So in the next video, I’m going to show you how this looks like in the back end.