3.1 Creating Your Live Chat Widget

3.1 Creating Your Live Chat Widget

Still haven’t created live chat widget on your website yet?  This video can help you. 


Mark van der Made: So for these next videos about going
in that for each feature, I have switched to my own personal workspace to provide a better overview.

And for the first video for this video, we’re going to do the creation of a live chat widget.

You can do this Of course we already did.

So during the creation of a workspace, or you can create a new widget by going to the main menu on the top left corner, just press the menu and then go to widgets from here.

You can add a new widget, so let’s add new widgets and that calls this Live Chat and then let’s add this widget.

Yeah, straight out of the box, you will you select your shared inbox for all the Live Chat treads
will go to if you’d like to.

So this is where you create that or select this, then you can also.

Add a knowledge base to your live chat widget, which is great because it will reduce the number of tickets tremendously.

So I already created mine.

And in the next video, I will show you how to do this, but for now let’s leave this knowledge base empty so I can let you see once the knowledge base has been created, how to add this to your existing live chat widget.

Then the next option is to position the live chat widget on the left or right side at the bottom of your website, you can also do an auto-reply to users.

So for example, let’s say for my own website, Mark, we’ll get back.

We’ll get in touch with you very soon.

And then you can also do smart variables.

So the smart, favorable, or will be at a customer name preferable.

So let’s select this and let’s drop this right inside of here.

Then we can also open the color picker to choose a sort of color for your live chat widget itself.

So since my website is blue, let’s do it actually, let’s do a kind of blue one as well.

It’s not exactly the same one, but you can also copy and paste the hex code if you want to straight inside of here.

Basically you’re already done with the creation of the live chat widgets.

And the only thing you need to do now is to copy this script, which you can do by pressing this icon.

It will see that the code copied notification is shown on top.

And then install this onto your website and then we’ll show you how to do this in the next video