3.3 Using Your Live Chat Widget ​

3.3 Using Your Live Chat Widget

Want to learn how to use your live chat? This video can help you. 


Mark van der Made: So now it’s time to take a look at how a live chat works in the back.

End of communication.

So how can you interact with a person that is visiting your websites and starts a live chat?

So to do this let’s type in a name, for example, John and an email.

And then for the message, let’s do something like, and let’s press send and see how this works inside the backend of communication.

So let’s do a sending, as soon as we press send, you will see that the auto reply, which we set right to Mark, we’ll get in touch with you very soon.

Customer name variable, which translates into John has been sent automatically.

So what you can do now is go to the backends.

Go to the shared inbox, which we connected and you will see

that we now have a live chat.

So when pressing this, you can see that this is what has been asked, right?

So, hi, are you able to help me?

And then the auto reply has been sent.

And at the right side, you will see all the customer information we collected so far.

So for example, the email, the name and incoming messages counts is one.

So that means that we are now already, um, all up to date with the amount of incoming messages.

We can also see when this lecture has been started and how long the client has been waiting for.

You can also manage statics.

So this is a great way to segment customers or people onto your website to see what kind of interests they have.

And you can always email them as well, because they will show up in your CRM section inside of communications.

So let’s join this trend.

And let’s respond to him.

So for example, Hey John, good to see you here. How can I help you? and let’s press send.

Then if we go over back to the website, you will see it’s automatically updated several, really interacting with the, uh, with the.

Person on the website.


So, Hey, John, good to see you here.

How can I help you?

So question could be, uh, are there any workshops coming up?

So if we take a look at the backend, you will see that the question has been.

Uh, updated again.

And then as you can see workshops, there could be a segmentation, right?

So you could segment this by adding a text.

So if we go to manage tags, you can either create one or we have an existing world workshops.

And what this does is once pressed, you will add this.

Zack to this customer.

So, you know, what kind of interest this person has.

So if they want to follow workshops, if they are interested in your other services or products, you can do so here.

So you can have an whole live chat section.

And then at the moments you want to either remove clothes or assign the threads you can do so here on the top.

So if you have multiple team members, for example, you could say something like assign to.


And then you will see that it’s been assigned.

So this is, and you will see it also updated inside the message thread as well.

So this is how you perform a live chat within the communication.