3.4 Customizing Your Live Chat Widget

3.4 Customizing Your Live Chat Widget

Want to learn how to customize your Live Chat widget? This video can help you. 


Mark van der Made: So in this video, we are about to, to finalize the live chat widgets, but you also have the option to change all the kinds of wordings insights, the live chat widget itself.

When going to the back end of the widget, you will also have a section called translation.

If we go down, you will see that we all have different flags here.

And so we can translate, we can set the language of 40 Lafayette widgets to Thai.

We can do Spanish, Italian, Dutch, French, Russia, Hindi.

We can also do Lithuanian, Romanian, Indonesian, German, Portuguese, Brazil and Chinese even, but that’s not.

But that’s not the only thing.

You can also change anything inside of here.

So you can do the widget, main button title.

You can change that if you’d like to, you can also change the welcome message.


So at first it’s just hello with a hand-waving and you can also customize this.

I already did some customization, as you can see if you need any help, just start a live chat with me or search the knowledge base, and you can even do all these changes to the text as well, to your own liking if you’d done.

So don’t forget to press change to enable the changes you’ve made and then just refresh the website.

To see the changes in effect.

So let’s do that.

Let’s change, let’s refresh the website and let’s see what changes have been made.

So as you can see, we now have the, Hey there with an emoji.

If you need any help, just start a live chat with me or search the knowledge base.

And that’s reflecting with what I wrote down here.


So this is the main heading, and this is the description. So, this is the way you can also customize your live chat widgets within the communication.