2.2 Creating Your Workspace

2.2 Creating Your Workspace

Finally signed up and wondering what to do next? Check out how to create your workspace to get started.


Mark van der Made:

So in this video, we’re going to show you how you can create your own workspace inside of communication.

Once you press the add workspace in the previous video, you will come to this layout.

So let’s press the button.

Let’s do it and let’s choose an avatar already uploaded my photo and I’ve chosen, a team color lighting, but you can also do it if you would like to do dark instead.

So, and that will look like this first item, and once continuing, you will see that you can now say either.

You’ll be working alone in this workspace, or you’re going to add team members as well.

So let’s add team members for now.

let’s continue.

And you can say how many team members you will be working with let’s do two plus.

Continue lets filling the name.

You can also do a dimension handle if you want to edit this in some way and by default, it’s just getting the first name and the last name, and when, once you’re done, you can either choose Alan fight and later, or you can say invite member once.

Doing so invite member, you can add the next member and so on and so on until you have at all your team members into this workspace, once done, press continue and then we’re going to name the workspace and choose a time zone.

So let’s say that this workspace, should be the company name.

You insert your company name here and then say select your time.


Of course, mine is already set as accordingly to your Budapest and then create my workspace.

Basically, you’re already done with creating your own workspace.

We’re now going into the next features, like setting up your inbox, your knowledgebase, your widget, and the last finalizing step, and then your billing details and this, we will show you in the next video.