Communication Product Round-Up: January 2021

Thinking of grabbing Communication or already have a license? Check out what we did in the month of January 2021.

I hope you had a fantastic start to the year, but did you realize January is already gone!

Yup, time flies, but the development at Little SaaS never stops.

We are so excited to announce that, starting from 2021 – We are introducing a brand-new monthly series known as “Product Round-Up.”

In Product Round-Up, each month, during the first week of that month, we will email you along with a blog post that will consist of all the updates we have pushed in the previous month, helping you to learn how hard we are working on the product to deliver you the best customer experience with Communication.

In January 2021, here is the list of the updates we have pushed for you:

List of all the Bug Fixes:

  • Knowledge base plan limit box is visible only when you are above the plan limit now
  • Removed auto transcripts after livechat thread are converted to mail thread
  • When the livechat thread is converted to mail, all livechat messages sent to the client as livechat messages and not read yet are sent as email
  • In some edge cases, when the knowledge base title had ‘ character in the title was failing to deploy, that’s fixed now.
  • After widget update now new widget settings will be seen (no longer needs a hard reset)
  • When using a canned reply, no longer the first paragraph will be removed.
  • Mobile bug where you have to click on inboxes’ drawer to load up thread messages.
  • Pasting text with links in the editor will no longer cause text to duplicate.
  • Pressing on edit in one of the canned replies while inside thread no longer applies it to the editor.
  • The default signature’s URL no longer disappears after using a canned reply
  • UI issue where the top menu bar is hidden on mobile Chrome sometimes during scroll
  • Reply area is collapsed by default. When expanded, it will stay expanded till the user collapses again, even if navigating around other threads. Especially useful on mobile where space is limited.

List of all the Improvement:

  • Now widget auto-reply is available to be created in onboarding
  • Clicking on the notification icon no longer mark everything as read. From now, it’s marked as read if you click on the notification.
  • Canned replies after use now insert a signature into the editor.

List of all the New Updates:

  • GIFs for thread editor and widget auto-reply.
  • Beta for Android App is released. if you need access to download the APK, then email us at

List of all the System Updates:

  • Chargebee Billing System: We have now moved our entire billing to Chargebee to avoid billing management and focus more on developing communication solutions.
  • Infrastructural changes at AWS and introduction of Load Balancers.
  • We have also released several other backend updates to improve the stability of the entire app.

Other Updates:

  • We have officially launched our blog and YouTube channel content live and will be pushing awesome content for you each week-in and out.
  • We are also starting a dedicated podcast and live interviews in February and can’t wait to share those with you.

The start of January is usually a little slow as the entire only gets the opportunity to take a break during the Holidays as we the team is 200% committed to ensuring that we keep delivering you an awesome customer experience.

However, February will be a month you all have been waiting to drop our new major solution – “Teams”. With Teams, you will have the ability to create public, private, and guest threads, along with having the ability to communicate with your team members privately right inside communication without needing any other solution.

Our goal with Communication has always been to streamline the communication between your customers and team under one roof, and we are so thrilled that the second phase of the project will go live in February. All other solutions will be built on top of these two solutions.

We are also officially releasing the Android app while working on Desktop/Mac and iOS apps (no ETA on these).

Your feedback, support, and love mean everything to us, and we will continue delivering on our promises. ❤️